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Dynamic Remediation Solutions

We started off 20 years ago providing quality, care and professionalism in the construction industry in Southeastern PA and NJ.

When we started, our focus was on home repair and maintenance, and slowly but surely we evolved into masonry, structural repairs, and specialization in historic restoration, waterproofing and damage restoration.

Mold Remediation and Approval

Who We Are

Over the years we have learned, we have grown and we have advanced but the one thing that has always held true is that we have been dynamic. Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc. – it is not just a catchy name but truly who we are, we are dynamic in the sense that we are always advancing, ever changing and ever growing. Growing in our knowledge base, growing in our services and growing with our community and our clients.

A large part of who we are and what we do is sharing our experience and knowledge base with our clients, you will not only get recommendations, not just prices, but the quality and personal care and attention that we would give our own family. We explain what we find, what we see, why the problems exist and what is the best way to correcting the problem for a long term solution.

Rob Reinhardt
Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc.


Certain indicators or common problems bring people to us on a consistent basis asking for our expertise.

One symptom that many people notice when having a mold problem is a musty odor or a strange smell; obvious signs of mold growth, or water damage and water intrusions.

Visible growth on clothing, furniture, and/or building material is another reason why customers choose to hire us. Last but most definitely not the least, is when people are simply looking for peace of mind.

Some people start to worry about their indoor air quality after being sick for some time or experiencing on-going health issues; usually respiratory problems.

Some of the health risks to mold are:

Head aches, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, fungal infections, watery eyes, flue like symptoms, allergic rhinitis, hyper sensitivity pneumonitis and viral respiratory infections.

Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc. is a Certified Mold Remediation Contractor through the Mold Inspection Consultation Organization; we are trained to utilize the necessary tools and equipment in this delicate process.

We are Indoor Environmental Professionals who work closely with our clients; insurance companies and industrial hygiene specialists to provide full service and effective mold cleanup, remediation and restoration to recreate a healthy living and working atmosphere.

Mold Clean Up At It's Finest!

Our company’s mold removal services are a one-stop shop for all of your emergency mold damage restoration services.
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We provide full service and effective mold cleanup!

Why Choose Us?

Dynamic Remediation Solutions is known for:

Small-Town Charm

We're a small, family owned operation focused on giving you the best customer service out there.

Education AND Remediation

We want you to understand WHY your home has mold or moisture & how we're going to fix it.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing - we want to make sure you get the best service & the best deal.

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We work closely with our clients, insurance companies, and industrial hygiene specialists to provide full service and effective mold cleanup, remediation, and restoration to recreate a healthy living and working atmosphere.

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